Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy


IIRA bioenergy resources

Bioenergy is renewable energy made from biological material such as harvested crops or crop residues, wood from forestry or community sources, and livestock or food processing wastes. IIRA assists rural communities and businesses in developing successful bioenergy enterprises to increase environmental and economic sustainability. Visit the bioenergy page for more information on IIRA engagement in first generation biofuels and in cellulosic biomass energy.

Wind energy

IIRA wind energy resources –

As part of its work, IIRA is committed to assisting rural residents and communities of Illinois in building knowledge of wind power as a sustainable development tool. This knowledge will lead to sound decision making regarding the development of wind energy and facilitate development where it is feasible to do so. IIRA wind energy projects are conducted through the Value-Added Sustainable Development Center, and documented through its Illinois Wind website.

Links to state renewable energy organizations in Illinois