Residential heating fuels

Midwest Residential Heating Fuel Use Assessment






On behalf of the Heating the Midwest with Renewable Biomass initiative, IIRA conducted a county-level analysis in 2013-2014 of current residential heating fuel usage in 10 Midwestern states. Homeowners or renters who heat with LP or electricity face some of the highest energy prices anywhere in the economy, making residential heating a key opportunity for displacing fossil fuels with biomass energy. Detailed knowledge of current heating fuel usage is essential for biomass heating entrepreneurs seeking to enter local and regional home heating markets, but existing data sets are either aggregated to the state level or do not provide actual volume of fuel used. This assessment sought to fill this gap. Several information products are available:

  • Two-page summary of the assessment (2014) – download PDF.
  • Presentation slides describing data and methods and presenting maps of results & examples for how results can be used (2014) – download PDF.
  • Full county-by-county assessment results (2014 – download spreadsheet.

For questions about the assessments or to inquire about additional data products and maps, please contact Fred Iutzi, IIRA-WIU,, 309-298-1453.