Wind for Schools

In the wind for schools program we offer teachers, Grades K-12 a free loan of a Wind Experiment kit for use in you classroom. With the kit, students engage in fun, hands-on learning about wind energy. We provide set-up demonstration of experiments, and lesson plans.

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Wind Energy Science Kit Lending program

The Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs at Western Illinois University is pleased to offer a lending program during 2019-20 academic year. Chose the Wind Experiment Kit by Vernier that best suits your students’ grade level and interests. Kits are available to your classroom at no cost for 1 to 2 months.

Your students can explore advanced aspects of wind turbine technology, test different blade designs, gear ratios, generators, and devices to measure electrical and weightlifting power. You need only to provide a wind source, basic tools, and imagination!


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Available to Illinois Science Teachers for their schools are:

They can place request for any of the experimental kits we have;

  • The Mini Wind Turbine Kit recommended for K-3 (
  • KidWind Mini Wind Turbine with Blade Design 4-6 (
  • The KidWind Basic Wind Experiment Kit recommended for 6-8 (
  • The KidWind Advanced Wind Experiment kit Recommended for High School (

The Wind Experiment Kits come with:

  • Free delivery and orientation from WIU
  • Experiments and lab ideas from Vernier
  • Complete set of lesson plans from WIU
  • Set-up and demonstration of Experiment kit
  • An opportunity for your students to participate in the Illinois KidWind Challenge in late spring 2020.

The Wind Experiment Kits are also available through our partner, the Center for Renewable Energy at Illinois State University.

To learn more about this FREE program, please contact:

Matthew Nguyen

Senior Meteorologist

B.Sc  in Meteorology

Stipes 514 

Western Illinois University


Email: mp-nguyen@wiu.ed or Call: 309-298-2354

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